PlayJect® is an experiential Learning and Assessment platform that is uniquely designed to simulate work experiences that are based on real life complex situations. PlayJect is designed based on the principles of Discovery learning, Gamification, Experiential Learning in a virtual environment. The platform provides various skill enhancing games and simulations designed to provide superior learning capabilities.

We have a suite of 30 games available in online and offline formats providing various skills enhancing learning. Currently there are two games based on principles of PMBOK 5 and PMI Agile Standards which are offered on-line and the remaining are off-line games. These games allow the players to learn various work skills by actually doing it, collaboratively in a dynamic and emotionally engaging environment. Being experiential, the learning retention is higher and allows high degree of customization (Based on our patented KwikSim® Technology).

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Online Products

  • StrateJect
  • ClueJect
  • SimJect


StrateJectTM is a US copyrighted online/offline Project Management Strategy game (Along the lines of popular board Game "Monopoly") where several teams (Between 2-4 members each) are going to compete against each other to complete a 5 phase, project of their choice from various industries.

This is a project strategy game where the team members have to formulate the project strategy to finish the project fastest within the approved budget and various other constraints. This game is based on application of Scientific principles which are derived from PMBOK5 of PMI.


ClueJectTM is a US copyrighted, experiential group project learning and assessment game wherein a failed project will be presented to the team to explore all the related project documents carefully like HR Plan, Schedule Plan, Resource Plan, Periodic Performance Data across the duration of the project etc.

The team within a limited time (2 hours) must diagnose the reasons for failure of the project and report. The team which will be able to find the most number of mistakes which were made by the project team backed by clues presented from the project documents will be the winner. The game is available in both online and offline versions and requires the teams to work in a collaborative manner to identify the reasons for the failure of project.


SimJect is a Project Simulation (Approximately 6 hours in duration) wherein the user will play the role of a project manager and complete a multi location project while going through various documents which get created while working in a project, taking approvals, helping co ordinate the team members etc.

This is a great way to learn and experience a real project without having to incur the cost of doing a real project. You can use this simulation to make hiring decision, career development etc. This is a highly customizable module which can be customized to cater to the unique needs of your organization.

Offline Products

  • Team Motivation
  • People Management Skills
  • Team Building
  • Cross Cultural Training
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership Building
  • Negotiation Skills

Team Motivation

Team Motivation module as part of its portfolio of soft skills required for Corporate Training and Leadership Development programs. Through various motivational techniques and experiential learning, our products will hone the motivational skills of managers, and instil enthusiasm amongst all levels of participants which is very much essential for any successful project.

People Management Skills

A person will encounter many different types of people during their project management career. If one is managing a group of around 20 or less, they really should be able to get a feel for each individual's personality. Even if one manages a group of 100, one should still be able to know the key players personalities. It helps every individual to know what makes each one of their stakeholders tick, especially when communicating one-on-one. When dealing with different project stakeholders, the project manager has to be tolerant of styles different from their own. Always try to adapt to their personality to get your point across, or to get more out of them to achieve the common goal of a successful project.

Team Building

Team Building module focuses on teamwork and team management. In today's professional project environment, building the team is the core responsibility of any project manager. Today, project management teams comprise of people with various skill sets and personalities. Hence, an increasing number of organizations are adopting team building training to increase the capabilities of their project management teams in the area of team work. Team Building module enables project teams, product development teams, virtual teams, and autonomous work teams to perform at high levels and quickly adapt to escalating demands.

Cross Cultural Training

In the project management world, project managers occasionally or daily interact with various cultures in doing their basic project work and may experience cultural differences mostly as challenges in communication and interpersonal relationships. Members from different cultures are supposed to cooperate and are expected to make high results. Managing others cross-culturally could be enhanced by learning to become more aware of different rules of the game or different cultural frameworks.

Stress Management

It is in common knowledge that in the present day competitive project management environment, Stress is a common by product. Proper stress management helps resources to handle everyday situations in a more constructive manner.

The module goal of stress management is to bring your nervous system back into balance, giving you a sense of calmness and control in your life. Controlling your life means balancing various aspects of it - work, relationships and leisure - as well as the physical, intellectual and emotional parts.

Leadership Building

One of the biggest current day project management challenges is to lead different group of people towards a common project goal. There are some highly successful project managers who are successful because they have managed to be leaders than merely a manager. Training for Leadership has a place of great importance in today's world. Leaders have been traditionally viewed as "mythological creatures", empowered by some mysterious quality that soothes their path towards inevitable success. However, the modern view is that leaders are evolved, not born.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating Skills is an important competency of a project manager as he has to deal with multiple stakeholders, internal and external, having their own priorities. It is not possible to satisfy each of their priorities. A negotiation starts before even the project begins and its success is often decided before the first face-to-face confrontation. That's because successful negotiations depends largely on preparations, a core aspect of our training on skills for negotiation.

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